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Motion pictures and other audiovisual programs have long been a great way to entertain and educate. But what you might not be aware of is unless you’re viewing them for personal, private use, legal authorization is needed to avoid copyright infringement.

Many organizations unknowingly expose themselves to penalties when they play audiovisual programs, whether movies, TV programs, or any entertainment video, for seemingly innocent purposes. Now with an Umbrella License from the MPLC, you can show audiovisual programs without violating Hong Kong's Copyright Ordinance.

The Umbrella License grants organizations permission to show legally obtained audiovisual programs without the need to report titles, dates or times of exhibition.

Just fill out an easy application or contact the MPLC for a license fee quote to secure an affordable annual license for unlimited exhibitions in all facilities.


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Please download and save the application form onto your computer, fill-in and save the file, then send the file to info@mplc.com.hk. Our licensing team will contact you upon receipt of the completed application. If further explanation is required, please call +852 35965857.


Recent News

Oct 5, 2018

Upon invitation from the Intellectual Property Department (IPD), MPLC HK is proud to have been selected as a supporting organization for the IPD's 2018 online Inter-School Intellectual Property Contest.   Hosted for the purpose of strengthening the understanding of IP Rights among primary and secondary school students, the contest runs from 15 October through 14 November with further details available here.

Feb 20, 2018
MPLC Announces Asia-Pacific Expansion, Hong Kong slated as first of eight new regional markets

The Motion Picture Licensing Company (MPLC), the world’s largest provider of non-theatrical exhibition services for film and television producers, announced plans to expand its global operations through the establishment of an Asia-Pacific regional hub office in Hong Kong and at least eight new operating entities over the next four years. Industry veteran Frank Rittman has been appointed as MPLC’s Managing Director for the region based in Hong Kong, reporting to MPLC Vice Chairman Mike Weatherley.

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Why you need a license

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Our Partners

The MPLC works together with variety of institutions throughout the region and around the world to protect the copyright of audiovisual programs. Along with our partners, we educate organizations, facilities, and companies about copyright law and compliance.




Our Customers


Movies are a great way to keep my customers entertained if they arrive early for their bookings, or if they have time to themselves afterwards.  MPLC's Umbrella License provides a convenient and cost-effective way for me to do that, and gives me the added comfort of knowing that I'm not infringing anyone's copyright.