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Whenever films or cable programmes on DVD/Blu-ray, downloads, streaming, pay TV and video or on demand are being viewed outside a private home it is considered a 'public performance' and legal authorization is needed to avoid copyright infringement.

MPLC licenses these public exhibitions - the right for an audience to view all audiovisual content in a public location, such as retailers, waiting rooms, reception areas, bars & restaurants, activity centres, schools, children's nurseries, care homes etc. 

In order to make it easy to comply with the Copyright Ordinance, MPLC is offering an annual 'MPLC Umbrella License' which allows unlimited showings of all works from MPLC's rightsholders without the need of reporting titles, dates or times of performances.

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Please download and save the application form onto your computer, fill-in and save the file, then send the file to info@mplc.com.hk, or by fax at +852 39967574. Our licensing team will contact you upon receipt of the completed application. If further explanation is required, please call +852 35965857.


Recent News

Sep 28, 2020
Inter-School Online Intellectual Property Quiz Contest 2020

To further enhance the knowledge and understanding of intellectual property (IP) rights among primary and secondary school students, the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) will organise the “Inter-School Online Intellectual Property Quiz Contest 2020 - IP Detective Class” from 28 September 2020 to 15 November 2020. Details of the contest are as follows:

28 September (1:00 pm) - 15 November 2020 (11:59 pm)


Competition Category:
Senior Primary (Primary 4 - 6), Junior Secondary (Secondary 1 - 3), and Senior Secondary (Secondary 4 - 5)


Introduction: The contest contains 15 multiple-choice questions. Participants should answer the questions within the shortest period of time and achieve the highest score. Supplementary information including videos and comics about IP are available on the contest website to enhance students’ understanding of the relevant IP issues.


Let’s join the “Inter-School Online Intellectual Property Quiz Contest – IP Detective Class”!

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Oct 5, 2018

Upon invitation from the Intellectual Property Rights Department (IPD), MPLC HK is proud to have been selected as a supporting organization for the IPD's 2018 online Inter-School Intellectual Property Contest.   Hosted for the purpose of strengthening the understanding of IP Rights among primary and secondary school students, the contest runs from 15 October through 14 November with further details available here.

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Our Partners

MPLC works closely with leading institutions to support intellectual property rights. Along with our partners, we educate organizations large and small about copyright and the importance of compliance.





Our Thanks

Kudos to our following licensees for respecting creators' rights and complying with Hong Kong's Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528). We thank you for your continued use and enjoyment of filmed entertainment!


Emperor Cinemas
Magic Mirror Sennheiser Soho House The Hive

Tanner de Witt


Diamond Hill Baptist Church St. Andrew's Church St. John's Cathedral St. Margaret's Church
Asbury Methodist Pimary School
Hong Chi Morninghill
SSP Kai Fong Association PLK Castar Primary School PolyU
Sacret Heart Canossian College St. Edward's Catholic Primary School St. Joseph's Primary School STFA Yung Yau College
The Harbour School BGCA Kun Sun Association
Film Culture Centre    
Hill Paramount
Mount Nicholson The Reach Wellesley