The MPLC Umbrella License® for Dentists

Whether in a reception area or a treatment room, movies and other audio visual programs are commonplace in Hong Kong’s more competitive dental practices. With no commercials and an ability to control the content, motion pictures are a simple and affordable way to enhance the patient experience by reducing stress and providing distraction while awaiting appointments and procedures. Often times, the sight of a beloved character or program is enough to put apprehensive patients of all ages at ease during or after treatments. Filmed entertainment provides added value for staff and patients alike representing a competitive advantage distinguishing your practice!

But copyrighted motion pictures and other audiovisual programs that are available for rental or purchase in any legal format, such as DVDs and other digital formats, whether streamed or downloaded, are intended for personal, private use only.

To ensure compliance, MPLC offers the Umbrella License which provides copyright infringement liability protection to over 500,000 locations worldwide and represents more than 1,000 rights holders. The MPLC Umbrella License® allows for the unlimited use at any time of any of our represented studios’ films and television programs

Just complete the online application or contact an MPLC Licensing Representative to secure an affordable annual license for unlimited exhibitions.
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