The MPLC Umbrella License for Educational Establishments

Films and cable programmes for students and staff anywhere, anytime

Recently, more and more schools use movies as educational tools. The MPLC Umbrella License® provides licensing solutions for educational institutions, covering the entire campus, including classrooms, auditoriums, activity rooms, libraries, etc. In school activities, such as English film appreciation, life education class, positive film appreciation, substitute classroom activities, extracurricular activities film appreciation club, parent-teacher association activities, school-related fundraising activities and the broadcast of film and television works due to the cancellation of outdoor activities. It also improves the flexibility of event arrangements.

Although the Hong Kong Copyright Ordinance has exemption clauses for teaching use, both the Education Bureau and the Intellectual Property Department have clearly stated that the applicable exemption for teaching only covers a small number of excerpts (such as 3-5 minute clips) made in schools for the purpose of teaching or receiving teaching, and other uses do not fall within the scope of this exemption, and the basic considerations cannot be inconsistent with the copyright owner's use agreement, thus constituting damage to the copyright owner's legitimate rights and interests. In addition, there is information on the terms of use that cannot be publicly displayed in the film. Therefore, if the teaching staff broadcasts the film and television works within the school, they need to apply for the authorization of the relevant public broadcasting license, in order to comply with the principle of respecting intellectual property rights.

The MPLC Umbrella License® can authorize schools to legally play film and television works in a very simple and fast way, so as to lead students in the school to learn to respect intellectual property rights and set a good example for students. Under the announced annual fee arrangement and after the authorization of the license takes effect, your school can purchase and play any media of film and television works obtained through legitimate channels, such as DVD, Blu-ray, streaming media platform transmission or download, for an unlimited performances.

Many schools have recognized the tremendous added value provided by MPLC’s Umbrella License®; we’re confident you will too. If you need more information please visit our Schools FAQs page or click to apply for an MPLC Umbrella License now.