The MPLC Umbrella License for Educational Establishments

Films and cable programmes for students and staff anywhere, anytime

The best school administrators care about, and contribute to, the quality of student life and enjoyment by seeking out opportunities for the entire school community whenever possible. Now more than ever, schools are using the magic of movies to provide quality entertainment and enhance school life for both students and staff. Schools and universities have always known that films and cable programmes are a great way to educate. Teachers often show them as part of their instructional curriculums, and Hong Kong’s laws allow for that. Yet movies and television can also be a great source of use and enjoyment in a school environment in a number of other ways that are not instructional and that’s where we come in.

Both the Education Bureau and the Intellectual Property Department have made it clear that any use of a film or cable programme by or within a school other than for the purpose of giving or receiving instruction is a restricted (i.e. infringing) act requiring a public performance license, including the following:

  • Parent-teacher organization movie nights
  • Screening films or television programmes during entertainment assemblies, rainy day recesses, or after examinations
  • Student groups generating revenue through movie fundraisers
  • Before and after-school programs supplementing activities with movies
  • Holiday parties featuring festive films

Schools are aware of the HKRRLS and the HKCLA for literary works, or CASH and HKRIA for music, and as necessary will have already secured their licenses. We ask that you now review the use of films and cable programmes within your school’s premises in the same way. If you already enjoy films or cable programmes on a non-instructional basis, or which to do so in the future, please now submit your license application to us. One low-cost annual payment precludes the need for further permissions, record-keeping, or recording requirements, allowing students and administrators to legally enjoy an unlimited amount of our producer clients' award-winning films and shows whenever they want, wherever they are, and however many times they like.

For more than thirty years, schools around the world have recognized the tremendous added value provided by MPLC’s Umbrella License®; we’re confident you will too. If you need more information please visit our Schools FAQs page or click to apply for an MPLC Umbrella License now.