Motion Picture Licensing Company (Hong Kong) Limited

MPLC's fees are determined based on the circumstances of the particluar market(s) and usage(s) being licensed.  Generally speaking, MPLC offers two different types of licenses:  (1) a title-by-title license allowing the limited use of one or more specifically designated works that may be advertised to the general public, and for which an admission fee may be charged; and (2) an MPLC Umbrella License® allowing the unlimited use of any titles represented by MPLC for viewings that may not be advertised to the general public and for which no admission fee is charged.  MPLC fees for title-by-title licensing are separately negotiated in each instance depending on the circumstances of the prospective usage and in accordance with any particular instructions, conditions, or restrictions placed on the titles by our producer clients.  However fees for an MPLC Umbrella License®, which permit the unlimited use of any available titles at any time, are more easily classifiable for various markets, as follows:


    2019 PRICING
Nurseries, Childcare, and Kingergartens Up to 100 children Tier 1 7,500
Nurseries, Childcare, and Kindergartens More than 100 children Tier 2 12,000
Primary and Secondary Schools Up to 500 students Tier 1 24,000
Primary and Secondary Schools  501 - 1,000 students Tier 2 45,000
Primary and Secondary Schools More than 1,000 students Tier 3 57,000
Universities and Institutions Up to 1,000 students Tier 1 42,000
Universities and Institutions 1,001 - 5,000 students Tier 2 135,000
Universities and Institutions 5,001 - 20,000 students Tier 3  240,000
Universities and Institutions More than 20,000 students Tier 1 337,000
Corporations Up to 100 employees Tier 1 12,000
Corporations 101 - 250 employees Tier 2 22,500
Corporations More than 250 employees Tier 3 37,500
Private Living Estates Up to 500 units  Tier 1 75 per unit
Private Living Estates 501 - 1,000 units Tier 2 60 per unit
Private Living Estates More than 1,000 units Tier 3 45 per unit
Hostels Per venue   60 per bed
Private Hospitals Per hospital   18,000
Physicians' and Dentists' Offices Per office   9,000
Membership Clubs Per club    12,000
Bars and Restaurants Per venue   12,000
Gyms and Health Clubs Per venue   22,500
Book Stores Per venue    9,000
Supermarkets Per venue   9,000
Manicure, Hair Salons, and Beauty Parlors per venue   3,750
Automobile Dealerships Per venue   12,000
Electrical Applicance Stores Per venue   18,000
 Community Centers Per venue   5,250
Notwithtanding the foregoing, MPLC reserves the right to adjust fees as appropriate in accordance with particular situations in certain circumstances